About Apocalpse

Apocalypse started in 2006 as a leveling guild and wound up being a casual and raider's guild. All classes and levels are welcome as well as casual players.

Our guild has had success and survived by following a few guidelies and exceptions. First of all, MOST of our players usually offer a drop or material they can't use to help

to both parties will be priority. Our experience in the past is that officers become a big problem whether they abuse power, cover friends, or many other things we're not about.

We're looking for players who want to get help, help others, and play with others who are here to have fun. The most noticed players are those that help people with gear they

don't need, or help lowers get unstuck i.e. the level 30 warrior axe quest. We want people who are mature, like to kid around cleanly, and can talk without it being XXX rated

Cliques - Often as a guild gets closer to raids, cliques form. This is unfair because we will not take only our "friends" as one guild has done. Raid spots will be rotated as

the player has the gear to enter the raid. If we have officers and they are caught running cliques, every one will be removed. Just because their might be a limited number of

sixties on the server doesn't mean I won't drop corrupt players. I'm happy to wait to raid until we fill the spots with fair players who want to play as a GUILD.

We have made this guild to be a group that is tight-knit, so if you feel you'll make a threat to leave because you think we won't make it without you will only speed up

your exit from the guild. We're here as a TEAM.


If you feel like this might be the type of guild for you, please do a /who apocalypse and send and guild member a message asking how to join. They will either

put you in touch with the HM, CO-GM, or an officer should we decide to have officers, which is very unlikely due to past events. During your time in the guild it will be greatly

appreicated if you notify one of us if another guild tries to poach you from us. We don't do this and we will not run with or help those guilds that do.

Recruiter: This is a person who works hard to bring people in the guid. Make sure you let me know when you do. You will occassionally be paid in gold and items

if you're building the guild up. You may be removed if you are doing nothing.

Helpers are people who have been noticed helping others more than others because they want to see the guild progress. We carefully watch what goes on in all our guilds.

The same rewards apply as to Recruiters and the same slack rules apply. These positions are for go getters that care about Apocalypse.

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