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BASIC RULES FOR THE GUILD (please check for changes often):

Apocalypse has been a successful multi-server raid, social and pvp-guild since 2006 and we're back for more. We love to have fun in chat, we just ask that before you say something, ensure that it is not racist, sexist or hateful. We're looking for fun-loving players who want a family guild whether they are on the raid team or just a casual. We LOVE players who offer things they don't need before AH (although that is your choice), it just shows you want to help others progress. It worked very well in our past raid and PvP guilds we ran. This guild is meant to help each other in many ways. If you can't fit in (cause trouble) we don't need you and appreciate not wasting out time. With all that in mind we do have a few rules:

MAIN RULE: I and quite a few of our members are either veterans(me, active duty, or reservists. You cannot fool someone who has served and we had someone claiming some wild shit and that he had served. We know many questions that if you can't (and you won't) be able to answer them, we will catch your lies quick and it makes us fucking angry because not only are you disrespecting us and those who serve, but our brothers we lost and I lost a few. Stolen valor is also a felony now. Don't be a douche and claim you were in when you weren't, we still love you even if you didn't do what we did. I'd never claim to have been a police officer, yet my guildmates still respect me, so why would you tell a lie disrespectful to the dead who died so you can still play and sleep safe at night. DON'T DO IT, YOU Will be unknowingly tested, caught and kicked with no chance of ever being allowed back in and it will be made known in world chat. Westfall has a LOT of active, vets and reservists so be respectful and be yourself.

DISCORD: PLEASE change your name on our server to reflect your in-game name or risk a kick. The same goes with the forums on the website. Please keep politics and religion out unless you would like a room for you and others to talk.

PRIVATE SERVERS: We run a private vanilla and TBC server as I am a student in programming and use it to learn. If you'd like to see how an armor set does, test yourself against a mob, request an account. You can retain the account as long as you clean any messes you make. If you don't know how, message me.

We don't tolerate drama period. In addition, if you're asked to tone it down please do so, a solution to this is to create a personal chat and have those talking to you join that chat. NEVER bring arguments or drama into guild chat. If you can't resolve the problem in private chat with another person, bring it to the GM or CO-GM where we can allow others to enjoy the game without hearing everyone's fighting and arguing. We also ask that you respect others in world chats. We rely on our reputation. If you're constantly causing problems in the world chat and have been warned, again and again, you'll be kicked. Keep politicsand religion out of guild chat, this leads to disaster.

GROUPS & DUNGEON RUNS: Consider others on runs. NEVER bail on a run because something doesn't go your way. You will be kicked. The only time it is permissible to leave is if you have a legitimate issue at home or the group agrees.. or find the group a replacement. If there are herb/mining nodes, check with the others and see if they want to /roll for the node. The same goes for chests. These rules apply in the open world as well, it's common courtesy.

DUNGEON LOOT: Greens should be a greed roll unless the item is a legitimate upgrade for someone or the rest of the group passes. Also, if there is a disenchanter and the group agrees then the DE can roll need. BOE world dop blues: The same rule applies as to greens. BOSS DROPS: Are a need roll by a class that it is an UPGRADE for. Off-Spec is not a valid reason to need roll on a boss drop. Make sure you can equipt the item immediately or show the group you can soon. If the group passes or there is a DE in the group and the group agrees, ONLY then can you roll need.

ADVICE IN ALL AREAS: Whether in a group, guild chat, 5man or raid, if you feel someone is doing something wrong, private message them and be KIND helping them. People who get elitist and go off on others will be immediately g-kicked no matter how good of a player you are. THIS IS A GAME.

GUILD BANK: We keep a guild bank character to which people send non-needed items to that might be an upgrade. These items are NOT mean to sell on the AH. I check several times a day during my recruit runs. If you are caught selling from the guild bank, you're probably gone. The guild is here to help each other. Thank you to those who help support the guild bank. When we have a stock of items no one has wanted, we vendor it after the 3rd round and that money goes to the next person in line for a 40 mount who does not have it.

HARASSING WOMEN: We have had several cases where guys kept pushing themselves on women in the guild, all but one married. If she asks you to stop, do so.

RACISM AND NON-TOLERANCE: We've had several gay players and they will not be harassed, on the other hand, that person may not utilize this rule as a weapon, sometimes people say things that can be misconstrued, however, we don't care about orientation and these folks are our friends, what business is it you yours how they live their life while you're playing a game. Don't be a douche.

These are the BASIC rules and any sensible person should know even more without my writing them, however, I'll add as time goes, so PLEASE check back on this sticky. As GM I am just a player. I put a group together to play, and weed out the bad apples. I do NOT go into power trips and our CO-GM doesn't. You will see no officers in this guild more than likely. This is due to past guilds we ran where we got close to raids and officers started going on power trips and only allowing their friends on runs... cliques are not going to happen here, everyone should get a chance to go and learn or we fail to know this person's playstyle. We grow stronger when we KINDLY tell a player to try a different way instead of screaming and bitching that a group was wiped. I would suffice to say that every one of us has wiped a group, so it's not your place to drill sergeant them, ESPECIALLY IN NON-WHISPERS.

PROMOTIONS: Myself and the CO-GM CONSTANTLY notice those who help and eventually promote them. PLEASE do not whisper asking for a promotion. I had a great person that asked in the past and after I promoted him, he would not stop hitting on a married woman and then started a lot of drama in world chat. Helpful players DO get noticed.


Some players are a sepecial addition to the guild. Without even asking, they recruit because they want to see the guild grow. We notice these players, we notice nearly everything. Good recruiters will be promoted to recruiter rank and will be rewarded from time to time by whatever means we have at that time. This is how our guild grows and progresses.

Helper: Some people arekind hearted and regularly go to help others on their own time. Some do it frequently. It progresses the guild and these players may be raised to the helper rank, but are not expected to spend all of their play time helping others. They will recieve benefits such as the recruitier ranks. Again, it depends all on what we can do at the time, but it will happen.

In the end it all comes down to being a reasonable player who likes to have fun and tries to help when they can.
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