About Apocalpse Guild Bank

class="card-text">Apocalypse started a character guild bank with the character "Apocabank". It is for players who are ahead and find items or mats

they feel might help someone. It is NOT required to do this. Feel free to AH, we all need that mount right? but some people care about the guild

progressing and like to help others. When you help someone, they are likely to help you down the road or another player. It's what makes the guild

work fast and efficiently and makes the guild closer and stronger. If you have an item or mat to share, send it to "Apocabank". Every few days we list

what is in the bank.

After three times of no one taking an item, it is sold and the money goes back to the bank. I watch for people close to level 40 and check how much they

need and help them. Between myself and the guild bank, our last guild was able to put around 20 people on mounts AT level 40.


When I log on, I go through a routine. I check for any problems, I do a recruiting session (2-3 a day) and I check the list of items that were given out by name on the AH, yes I keep a log. If you are caught selling items you were given by the generous guild mates , you're gone, no excuses, no questions asked.

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