Why is Discord so important?
Why is Discord so important.

Most players are well of Discord, but I wanted to make a page with some reasons why that some people don't know beyond coordination in dungeons..... Discord gets us all to know each other and leads to a stronger, tighter-knit guild. It's the best way to learn about your guildmates and form friendships, some that last for many years. Back in the Ventrilo days in our original guild, Ventrilo was responsible for many of us becoming life-long friends who talk to each other even after all this time. There were times when a guildmate had some hard times in real life and other, generous people pulled together and helped that person whether through plain talk or maybe helping them with a bill they couldn't pay. When my wife was alive, it was how we found out a very dedicated player didn't have enough RAM so we helped him get what he needed. We've even used it to play D&D at roll20 outside of WoW. You don't need a mic, some people are shy and won't come on because they think everyone will demand they talk, but this isn't the case. Joining the server and just listening let's you know your guildmates and at least hearing will be required in some instances and raids as some dungeons can be tough and coordination is key. So don't ignore Discord because you don't want to talk over a mic, it's not required, but at least plug in and listen. It helps on runs and gets everyone closer. **NOTICE** - Please change your name to your in-game name on our Discord or you may be kicked.

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